When kissing is not really kissing and a discount just for you.

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Happy Friday, Friends!

First, a little housekeeping because there is going to be a bit of a change around here. There is now a new option to subscribe to this newsletter. You can stick with the free version, and I promise I will still love you. You’ll still get letters from me. You’ll still get book recs and what Netflix I’m binging on and cute photos of my dog. However, if you want to support my work and get more content from me - more personal essays, more anti-anxiety tips, MORE photos of my dog, you can subscribe for $5 a month, or $50 for the year. The subscriber version will get you an email from me about once a week, the free version will be more like once a month.

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And now, the weekly recap:

When the 90s collided on my Insta

My friend Kellie Martin (you remember her from ER and Life Goes On and a million Hallmark movies) and I met on the set of the film Matinee. I was thirteen at the time, and we’ve been close ever since. Kellie posted something on Instagram about how her first kiss on screen was her first kiss ever. I said that was the case for me, as well. And then Danica McKellar commented that Winnie’s first kiss was her first kiss, too! I proceeded to make some dorky comment about how we should form a club. Mostly because I just want to be in a club with Danica McKellar. Any club. Because The Wonder Years was everything - and she is a spectacular human way beyond what she did as a kid.

Matinee with Simon Fenton. That was it. My first kiss. Right there. I really should have closed my eyes.

And the question was asked - does it count as your first kiss when it’s on-screen? When it’s with someone you are paid to kiss, with a film crew and your mother standing around watching? When it’s literally choreographed? With someone you don’t even necessarily like?

Here’s my answer. I don’t know. But I really hope not.

I had to wait around another couple of years before someone kissed me for real. But it was WAY better. I closed my eyes that time.

Thing I’m overwhelmed by

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with cameras. I’ve realized I need to get more involved in the world of YouTube, so I’ll be doing more over there. I’m also thinking I might start shooting some footage at the yoga retreats I lead for combat Veterans, with the long-term goal of creating a documentary. I need a better camera, so I’ve been reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about how to make YouTube videos and I’ve been completely down the research rabbit hole. (Parker Walbeck seems to have a lot of cool reviews and tutorials if you’re into that filmmaking stuff.) If you have any additional thoughts on a good DLSR or mirrorless camera for shooting video, please let me know. I’m leaning towards Canon, but I can be swayed.

Thing I’m watching

Cheer. Just like everyone else. I find that it both intrigues and horrifies me.

Thing I’m embarrassed about

I was honored to get an award for the Yoga for Veterans program that I created. I’m Canadian, so I’m not allowed to be proud of these kinds of things, I just get embarrassed and feel uncomfortable about it. But what I find hilarious is that it’s called the “Ready, Fire, Aim Award.” Meaning it was a “Doing Shit Before You’re Actually Ready Award.” I love that. People ask me all the time what they can do to prepare for going to a yoga class. I say - put on some clothes and go to a yoga class. That’s it. Go.

So, let’s all do our best to not overthink our lives and just get out there and do the things we want to do. That thing that is in the back of your mind, the thing you really want to do but it feels super scary? Take one step towards it today. Just decide to do it. The world needs you to do that.

Anxiety tip of the week

This is one of my favorite tricks for when anxiety hits. It helps me to focus and slow down the doom spiral.

Sending you hearts and cupids and chocolates if you’re into that whole Valentine’s Day thing. If not, sending you hearts anyway because it’s Friday and you deserve hearts.